Best & Cheapest Hosting for a Blog in 2021 (Domain Free)

Best Cheap Hosting Blog 2021

Which is the Best & Cheapest Hosting for a Blog in 2021?

Which has the Best Free Features and is Super Fast & Reliable with 99.9 % Up-time with Free Email, SSL, CDN, and much more.

We will tell you.

Before we proceed, I hope that you are already clear about how to start a blog.

The three basic steps to start a blog and make money online are,
Finding your niche,
Finalizing a Domain name and
Finding a hosting service to host your blog on the internet.

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After you have finalized a domain name for your blog, you now have to register with a hosting service in order to host your blog on the internet.

What is Blog Hosting?

Hosting is basically the process of storing the various parts [files, images, media etc.] of your blog on a server on the internet from where your readers can access them with the aid of an internet browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge or Firefox.

A typical blog consists of various blog posts and pages which contain text, images, videos and other media files.

All of the bits and pieces which make up your blog need to be stored on a server on the internet from where they can be accessed by your readers.

This service is provided by hosting providers like Hostinger.

They will rent out space on their servers where you can store all the images, text and other files which make up your blog.

If however, you are still confused about how to start a blog please read the post ‘How to Start a Blog and make money [in 2021]. Easy guide to make passive income online‘ to learn how to start a blog and make money.

Before finalizing a hosting service you have to purchase the domain name that you have decided for your blog.

Although it is possible to buy a domain name and hosting service from two completely different providers, we strongly recommend that you buy your domain and web hosting with the same provider because it will make it easier to configure and manage everything from one place.

Types of Web hosting services.

Which are the types of hosting services?

The most common types are,
1. Shared hosting
2. VPS [Virtual Private Server] hosting
3. Dedicated hosting
4. Cloud hosting

What is Shared hosting?

Shared hosting is where your blog is hosted on a server along with many other websites/blogs. The main advantage of this setup is that since the costs are shared between a large number of users, the cost to a single user is low. This is the best option for a beginner starting a blog. Hostinger is the most popular shared hosting option available and the best cheap web hosting service for a blog in 2021.

What is VPS hosting?

VPS stands for ‘Virtual Private Server’. This is an option for those who would like the advantages of dedicated hosting but at a lesser cost. It is a mid-way solution between a shared hosting at one end and a fully dedicated server on the other. Although VPS’s use the same physical server, they act as a separate dedicated server by using visualisation techniques.

What is dedicated hosting?

Dedicated hosting is where a single server is dedicated solely for your blog or website. This is the costliest type of hosting and suitable for large websites with huge traffic. A dedicated server will also mean hiring a system administrator to take care of the technical management of the server unless you are well versed with the technical details of managing a server yourself.

What is Cloud hosting?

This is a relatively new type of hosting concept where resources are shared on several interconnected [clustered] servers. The main advantage here is scalability where you could summon additional resources if you experience a seasonal surge or increase in traffic to your site and also cut down on resource usage when traffic is less based on the pay as you use model. While this type of hosting is cheaper than dedicated hosting it is still costlier compared to shared hosting.

Are there other types of hosting other than the main types listed above?

Some examples are Reseller hosting, Colocation hosting, and Self-hosting. But the above 4 types are the most common and popular types of hosting services used. The best option for a beginner is shared hosting which is the best cheap web hosting service for a blog in 2021.

Which is the Cheapest & Best Hosting for a Blog in 2021?

The best cheap web hosting service for a blog in 2021 is Hostinger.

We learnt from our mistakes after having tried and tested various providers along the way and realized that Hostinger is the best both in terms of cost and performance.

We strongly suggest starting your blogging journey by hosting your blog with Hostinger

The fastest way to start a blog

Why we love Hostinger (& why a Fast Page Load Time is just one of the many reasons)

This blog was earlier launched with the domain name ‘’ and with a different hosting service before we decided to change the domain name to ‘’ and also move to Hostinger.

Before we switched to Hostinger, we were hosting our blog with a different hosting service, and we used to have a horrendous performance score of just 68% and an LCP of 2.7 seconds. Ugggh!

After hosting with Hostinger, the performance score has increased to 99% and the LCP time improved dramatically to just 0.9 seconds!

That was an impressive 45% improvement in performance score and 66% improvement in LCP time! Not bad. Right?

Take a look.

GTMetrix Report for '' before Hostinger
Before moving to Hostinger

Take a look at our speed test report after we started hosting with Hostinger.

GTMetrix Performance report for '' after hosting wth Hostinger

Even the Lighthouse performance report now looks very impressive.
See for yourself.

Lighthouse Report for - TheBloggingGuides

We suggest the Business Shared Hosting plan at $ 3.99 / month, to begin with as it is affordable and has all the features that you will need.

You can use the link below to get a special discount.

Cheapest Best Web Hosting - Hostinger

The Business Shared Hosting plan gives you all the features that you will require and more to start to create your blog.

Free Domain – So you dont have to purchase domain separately.

Free SSL – important for security and to rank higher in search engine results.

Daily Backup – gives you peace of mind.

Free CDN – important for speed and faster page load time.

Unlimited Free Email – look professional with a professional domain-specific email address.

Managed WordPress – for convenience.

Unlimited Websites – No limit on number of websites you can host.

Guaranteed Uptime of 99.9%.

24/7/365 Service.

The 7 reasons why Hostinger is better.

1. Hostinger has one of the fastest load times.

The load time is the time taken for a website to load and is a critical factor to increase traffic to your blog and your page views. It has been shown that a one-second delay in page load time can result in a 7 per cent loss in conversion and 11 per cent fewer page views. This is vital to rank higher in search engine lists.

2. They offer free CDN.

Hostinger offers free set-up of Cloudfare CDN. CDN or content distribution network works by storing a copy of your blog or website on multiple servers around the world. So when a reader clicks your blog, Cloudflare will retrieve your blog content from the nearest server location. This results in even faster load times. Cloud fare has servers in 200 cities in 95 countries.

3. Provide free SSL.

SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer.” SSL is a secure protocol developed for sending information securely over the Internet. The URL of a blog or website will begin with HTTPS instead of the more common HTTP. Having SSL enabled on your blog increases your SEO ranking and helps your blog rank higher in search results.

4. Free Email.

Hostinger offers free email with your domain name eg. you can contact me at ‘[email protected]’. This looks professional and creates a good impression.

5. Have 99.9 % uptime.

This is important. it means that your blog is never down and always available to your readers whenever they need it.

6. Excellent & 24/7 customer service.

They have extremely responsive and quick customer service.

7. WordPress integration.

WordPress is a CMS [Content Management System] software which is to design, create and manage 33 per cent of the worlds websites/ blogs, including the web sites of Sony, Vogue Magazine, The Obama Foundation, Angry birds website and many others.

Hostinger offers ‘managed WordPress’ hosting with all their plans, so you can start creating and designing your blog almost immediately without having to instal any additional software.


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