How to Earn Money Online Without Paying Anything (Free!)

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I am going to show you 11 ways how to earn money online without paying anything (in 2020).

11 legit ways to make money online without investment.

Let me be clear though, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Any scheme online or otherwise that requires you to pay money upfront before you even start is a scam. Don’t be fooled.

Just remember, if it sounds too good to be true, then it is.

Passive online income is possible, but not in the way that most people want it to be.

If it was possible to get rich simply by lazing around sipping champagne or lounging on a beach chair watching the sunset, then everybody would be doing it.

The world economy as we know it and all businesses and industries filled with people working hard for a living would shut down.

It is possible to make big money online, but none are ‘get rich schemes’ and so while you are working on building your online business to create a passive income, it is important that you have a separate income source to pay for your day to day expenses for 3 to 6 months at least.

Most of the ways to generate a passive income require some sort of skill.

Even the sites that pay you to play games online! These are best for teenagers or kids looking to earn extra pocket money. You can make good money if you are good.

You can also get paid to answer surveys or perform simple tasks online.

There are other options to earn money online without paying anything and replace your day job.

How can I make money when I have nothing? Good question. Let me show you.

11 Legit Ways How to Earn Money Online Without Paying Anything.

1. Freelance (Join Fiverr).

Fiverr is a free digital marketplace which brings together buyers and sellers.

If you have a unique talent, then this is the place where you can showcase it to buyers worldwide.

There is no limit to the kind of services you can offer on Fiverr.

You can offer services as varied as digital marketing, legal consulting, relationship advice or even do celebrity impersonation.

Below is an overview of some of the services you can offer on Fiverr.

The broad category of gigs that can be offered on Fiverr

This is just a small snippet of the various services you can offer.

There are over 200 categories of services to choose from. Basically, you can offer any service which is legal and complies with their terms.

There is even a guy who offers to dance to any song wearing spandex for a fee. I am not recommending you do the same 🙂 but just shows you that you can sell almost anything on Fiverr as long as it is legal.

Fiverr ensures you don’t have to chase clients for payment. As soon as you complete an order, Fiverr transfers the agreed amount directly to your bank account.

Success Stories from Fiverr

There are a large number of people who have become successful through Fiverr.

Here I will introduce you to three such successful people.

Charmaine Pocek (Age: 41 years)
Income: $38,000-$48,000 / month
Certified Resume Writer, Career Consultant & Recruiter

Levi Newman (Age: 36 years)
Income: $10,000-$15,000 / month


Redd Horrocks (Age: 33 years)
Income: $15,000 / month
Voice over Artist


You can also script your own success story by offering your unique talent on Fiverr.

2. Start a Blog.

It is common for people to ask how can I earn free money online or how can I make $100 a day online.

Everybody agrees it is a natural law that you cannot get something out of nothing.

Even free opportunities require an investment of time, effort, and skill.

Starting a blog is the best way of earning money online.

Starting a blog can be free if you host your blog on free blogging platforms, but that may not be a good idea if you plan to earn money from it.

Starting a professional blog to earn money is not free because there is a cost of purchasing a domain and hosting.

This cost is little compared to the benefits.

28-year-old Michelle Schroeder-Gardner earns $100,000 by blogging. Take a look at this video from CNBC.

Even in India, the top bloggers earn $60,000 per month. (Source: The Times of India).

3. Self Publish Ebooks on Amazon.

It is a well-known fact that until recently, authors had to struggle to get their books published.

Even a famous author like J. K. Rowling faced rejection 12 times before Bloomberg agreed to publish her book, the Harry Potter series.

Nowadays it is easy to write a book and self-publish it on Amazon.

See how to self-publish a book on Amazon for step-by-step details.

If you need the inspiration to take the first step as a self-publishing author, I need to tell you about Chandler Bolt’s and James Roper’s success story.

Their story was so inspirational that Business Insider magazine ran a story about them.

Chandler Bolt dropped out of college to self-publish the book The Productive Person, along with a friend James Roper.

The book generated $7000 in the first month and continues to bring in $2000 to $5000 every month.

Bolt and Roper now run a company called the Self Publishing School which teaches authors how to self-publish their books, based upon their own experience.

4. Amazon Merch

Do you have a talent for artwork or catchy t-shirt designs and graphics? Then, Amazon Merch is made just for you. Submit your design ideas on Merch and Amazon will print them on t-shirts as per orders received and arrange to ship it to the customer and you get paid your royalty.

Joining Merch is free, however, as Amazon strives to keep the quality levels high, you may need an invite to join Merch.

You can apply for an invitation here.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can on be done for free if you have followers or friends on social media. Be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or any other media.

For example, you can be an Amazon affiliate and recommend merchandise from Amazon to your friends through social media.

Whenever someone clicks your link, they get redirected to the Amazon website, and when they make a purchase, you get a commission.

They do not need to purchase the exact same merchandise you had recommended. Any purchase from Amazon after being redirected from your affiliate link qualifies for a commission.

You will need a functional website or blog to get approval from Amazon to be their affiliate marketer. But this is a small cost to bear compared to the benefits.

You can start a blog on Hostinger for $48/ year with the Business shared hosting plan which comes with a free domain.

The Business shared hosting plan offers you free CDN and daily backups, which the other plans don’t.
A CDN is important to make your website load fast, and page load speed is a crucial ranking factor on Google.

These are of course in addition to,
100 GB of SSD storage,
Free SSL,
Free Email,
Unlimited Bandwidth,
Managed WordPress.

6. Write on Medium.

This is a completely free source of online income.

If you have a talent for writing content that people want to read, you can publish your articles for free on medium.

Medium is a great source of quality articles written by writers and poets from around the world, covering varied topics. Medium pays you based on the time readers spend reading your article.

How much can you earn from writing on Medium?
Below are the official figures from Medium for September 2020.

  • Highest earning [Single author]: $49,705.40
  • Highest earning [Single article]: $16,685.50
  • Active writers earning greater than $100: 6.4%

7. Sell Photographs Online.

If you have a talent for photography, then you can sell your photographs online. All you need is a good camera or phone [an iPhone would do nicely].

Below is a list of photography sites where you can sell your photos.
Adobe Stock
Free Digital Photos
CanStock Photo
Deposit Photos
Image Vortex
GL Stock Images

8. Become a Virtual Assistant.

A virtual assistant is someone who remotely assists small business owners to perform administrative tasks online.

Typical tasks include,

  • Making phone calls.
  • Scheduling business appointments.
  • Doctor/dentist appointments.
  • Hotel booking.
  • Data entry.

    To be a virtual assistant, you need good communication skills, both written and oral.
    You need to have a computer/laptop with a good internet connection.

How much can you expect to earn?

As per the virtual assistant website FancyHands, tasks are worth $3.00 – $7/task.
They pay weekly (every Tuesday). 

Some popular sites for virtual assistants are listed below.
Hubstaff Talent,
Assistant Match,
Acelerar Technologies,

9. Get Paid to Surf the Internet.

There are websites that pay you money to surf the internet.

These are sites that research internet habits and they pay to access information about your internet habits, like, which sites you visit, games that you play, the time you spend surfing and other data.

Some sites that pay to surf the internet are listed below.

How it works.

INSTALL – After signing up you have to download a software or browser extension on your computer.
SURF – Then you continue surfing the web and activities as you normally do.
EARN – As you surf the internet, the software/browser extension collects data about your browsing habits and gives you points that you can exchange for gift cards.

10. Work As a Translator

If you are good at English and one other language, then you could try your hand at becoming an online translator at Welocalize.

While automated translation sites like Google translate and such are available and function acceptably well, it is not reliable enough for mission-critical tasks like legal documents and others.

Even under less critical situations, using automated translation services are not recommended as there is no way to verify if the translation is 100% correct if you are translating to a language that you are not conversant.

In such situations, the services of a human translator who is an expert in both languages are invaluable.

Some other well-known sites that offer opportunities to online translators are listed below.

11. Remote Customer Service Representative.

If you have a talent for connecting with people, good communication skills, enjoy problem-solving and helping people, then this could be your ideal job.

Moreover, you can do this with zero investment from the comfort of your home.

Below is a list of sites where you can find these opportunities.
Working Solutions.

The above are some options on how to earn money online without paying anything and with no investment.

Which ones did you like? While the options are many, it is up to you to pick the one that is suitable for your situation depending upon your requirement and skill.

The option that may be best suited for a teenager or college student to earn extra pocket money may not be ideal for someone looking to replace their day job or seeking a full-time career.

That said, freelancing is here to stay. The popularity of freelancing in the USA is evident from the chart below.
Freelancing contributes more to the GDP of the USA, than sectors like construction, transportation and mining.

As per the freelance forward 2000 report, 59% freelancers feel they make more money by freelancing compared to their day job and, 72% feel their income will increase in future.

As far as developing economies are concerned, the freelancing sector in India is the second fastest-growing in the world.

There are an estimated 15 million freelancers in India, according to a report in the Business Line.

Technology has enabled freelancing, by making it possible to work remotely and it is popular because of the freedom it provides, to work from anywhere at the time of your choosing, cutting down unnecessary commute and routine.

The below chart shows the proportion of various sectors that freelance.

Freelancing may be liberating, but at the end of the day, you are still working for someone, your customers.

You may have the freedom to work at a time of your choosing, but there are still deadlines to adhere to. While you are free to choose the number of hours that you want to work, it may have a direct bearing your income.

The top earners work long hours to make that kind of money but out of choice and not because it is forced upon them.

Starting a blog gives you even more freedom. You can be as creative as you want. Choose the time of day or night that you will work and be your own boss.

There are many ways to make money by blogging, and blogger incomes are substantial.

I hope you found this post useful. Is there anything I should add to this list? Let me know in the comments.

While I have taken all the necessary care and due diligence while selecting the available options, it is still up to you to read the terms and conditions of the individual websites and perform due diligence before entering into any legal agreement or parting with your personal information online.


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