Why hosting on a free blogging platform like Blogspot is bad for you.

Benefits of Paid Hosting Versus Free Hosting
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This is the most common newbie mistake #1. Let me tell you why.

As a new blogger, we are tempted to save money and go for a free blogging site. Let’s face it. All of us learn by making mistakes. But that is a hard and time-consuming way to go about doing things.

The smart way is to avoid mistakes and make the right choice from the start.

Let me list the most common mistakes for you, so you can avoid them and in the process save time and reach your goal of creating the perfect blog faster.

Why hosting your blog on a free blogging platform is a big mistake.

This is a very common mistake made by many new bloggers.

Sites like Blogger.com or Wix.com will offer to host your blog for free, but if you are serious about making money or monetizing your blog then you must avoid it.

For example, if you create a free blog on wix.com the address or URL of your blog will be,


and not


The problem with these free hosting sites is that the websites and blogs hosted for free with them never get listed in any search engine results.

Go on, try it out.

Do a google search for any topic and see how many sites show up with ‘wixsite.com’ or ‘blogspot.com’ attached to their domain names.


This is because search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others do not consider free websites or blogs as authoritative so they never list them.

Free websites and blogs are SEO unfriendly so must be avoided.


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